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Subaru designs vehicles for performance and reliability. Whether you drive a Legacy, WRX, or a Crosstrek, you drive a vehicle that can give you many miles of fun and excitement in Amherst, NY. Although driving one of these vehicles can feel exhilarating, responsible maintenance will keep your Subaru car or SUV in optimal condition. Routine oil and filter changes ensure your Subaru stays primed to tackle tough Getzville-area weather and roads.

Why Your Subaru Vehicle Needs Routine Oil Service

Since engine oil minimizes the friction among engine components, it makes sense to keep fresh oil running through your vehicle. When your engine runs smoothly, your car has a good foundation for excellent performance. Additionally, the oil accumulates dirt and debris over time. This debris naturally occurs as the oil runs throughout the engine, cleaning the parts as it travels. If you don't change the oil, such particles can eventually damage your engine.

How to Know When to Change Your Oil and Filter

Motor oil often gets taken for granted since it quietly does its job without any fanfare. It is not surprising that you might feel puzzled over how to know when it needs a change. Since oil remains so critical to engine performance, there are some pretty clear signs that it requires attention for your Tonawanda commutes.

If your beloved Subaru starts to grind or make other strange noises, you might need an oil and possibly a filter change. Such sounds come from excessive friction as engine components grate against one another. When you change the oil, these sounds disappear as your engine can tackle Buffalo roads smoothly.

You can also check your oil using the dipstick in your oil tank access. If you've never done this before, carefully read the instructions in your owner's manual or come to our service center for additional guidance. Whether you drive a new or certified pre-owned Subaru, you need to look at the oil level and quality. We recommend that you replenish low oil levels and always replace dirty oil to help prevent excessive engine wear.

Subaru Oil and Filter Change Advice

According to Subaru of America, you should change your oil at least once every six months or twice per year. You should swap your filter once per year. This recommendation is for those who drive their car short distances or don't drive for an extended amount of time each day.

If you regularly commute across Amherst and live for weekend road trips, then you'll need to monitor your mileage. For such road warriors, Subaru suggests an oil change every 6,000 miles. It would also help if you changed out frequently used filters every 12,000 miles.

Trust Our Genuine Subaru Oil and Filter Change Service

When you use genuine Subaru oil, you will get a formula developed exclusively for your Subaru's engine. This quality provides the recommended protective lubrication and cleaning power that can keep your Subaru running the way you love. Oil might seem minor, but using a high-grade, high-performance oil boosts the condition of your entire engine.

Premium oil ensures optimal engine function, and the appropriate filter keeps it that way. Genuine Subaru filters effectively screen out dirt and debris so they don't recirculate through your engine. An excellent filter can help you reap the maximum benefit of your engine oil. When you trust our highly skilled technicians to change your oil with genuine Subaru products, you give your vehicle the care it needs to thrive.