Okay, so you've decided that getting a new set of wheels is a priority. You may have even considered a few options from which to choose. Or you have already landed on your next set of wheels. Either way, the question that usually follows next is about what to do with your current ride.

Well, let's first start by saying that getting rid of an old car can be harder than you might think. The idea of watching it sit on the side of the road while driving across the Amherst area, with a sun-faded for sale sign, can be heartbreaking.

Just know that we understand. And that is the reason why we've gathered some helpful information to help you along the process. Keep these tips in mind while you prep to purchase something newer.

What does KBB say?

We are not like some others who wish to run away from the KBB value of a trade-in. Our sales specialists and appraisers have decades of experience between them. So, rest assured that KBB will only confirm what our experts uncover.

So, when you've finally decided that to trade your vehicle in, start with a KBB value for it. Determine if that is a number that fits your needs, budget, and goals. For more assistance, you are more than welcome to speak with our financing specialists.

Small Repairs

After you determine an approximate amount for how much your trade is worth, next start looking into its condition. A vehicle's condition is not just how well it runs, stops, or idles. A vehicle in excellent condition will resemble something very similar to when it came off the assembly line.

We understand that life is far from perfect and that life happens to our vehicles. So, we do our best to make sure that we give you every penny that your trade may be worth. If there is a small issue with your trade-in, it may be best to repair it yourself.

Fixing small repairs can help you with the overall impression that our staff gets while appraising your car. The fewer repairs and maintenance needed on your trade-in, the easier it will be to resell it.

Clean and Shine

If you are like many, you may have let your Subaru get a little messier than you would have hoped. If so, you are in good company. Before bringing your trade to the dealership, make sure to clean it.

Remove any personal belongings that might still be in the trunk or back seats. Take off any toll passes or parking stickers. While they are handy, we prefer that they remain with their owners. Also, making sure that your vehicle is looking its best can help us see how much it meant to you.

Enjoy the Future

One of the easiest ways to ensure that the trade-in process goes smoothly is to focus on the future. You are getting ready to drive off in a new companion that will deliver you safely to thousands of new destinations. Enjoy the process of breaking in your Subaru or whatever you decide to purchase.

Try looking forward to the places you will visit and the friends you will make along the way. So, if you are feeling a little anxiety about leaving behind your old friend for something new, don't. We understand that letting go of your old vehicle can feel like losing a friend, but we hope you gain a new one in the process.

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